The GOCOM Concept

The 'GOCOM' concept or 'Government Operate, Company Own and Maintain' is one of the newest concept in the Government sector. The GOCOM concept covers all the operations and maintenance of the equipment operated by Government.

MRI Malaysia is currently operating the GOCOM concept for the Op Pasir, Sabah and GOCOM for the Army Special Forces since 2015. The Op Pasir GOCOM concept covers the supply and maintenance of the new Poseidon RHIB Viper Boats and new Poseidon Rover Stringray Boats in Kudat, Sandakan and Semporna, Sabah. The Army Special Forces (GGK) GOCOM concept covers the supply and maintenance of Yamaha Outboard Motor (OBM) for the GGK boats.

The initial stages of the concept is from designing the boats, manufacture, OBM matching, delivery, commissioning and servicing the boats. The concept requires 'Performance Base' which, at all-time the serviceability is to be at 90% and above.

In making this concept a success, MRI Malaysia has invested and established our own Support Service Center and Technical Staff's in Kudat, Sandakan and Semporna, Sabah to support the Op Pasir GOCOM including in Mersing, Johor and Sungai Udang, Melaka to support the GGK GOCOM.

Based on the commitment by MRI Malaysia to the concept, as to date the company has managed to maintain the performance base of 99.9% for the Op Pasir and GGK operational readiness.